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In-Site Interior Design Inc.
Full service design firm serving the NY and Long island areas

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Welcome to the Experts Nexus Classifieds!

Anything your local classifieds can do, can be done here but at a fraction of the cost!

If you've already advertised with your local paper then you know how expensive it can get. Most of our ad packages are very modestly priced after the initial free period, except for the professional listings which start at $5 per month and rise to $90 to place your ad for 1 year. You can also purchase an ad that will display along the left side of the page, for a modest charge considering the display time you'll recieve. If there are too many ads then they will rotate at each new pageload, making sure they all get equal display time.

So, if you have:
  • A business or professional service
  • Cars or motorcycles for sale
  • Homes for sale or rent
  • An item you wish to sell
  • Positions you need filled in your company
  • A particular job you're looking for
  • A desire to find that special someone
  • A rant or a message you wish to make public
  • An announcement you'd like to make such as a wedding or birth
  • A service or an item you'd like to trade for an item of equal value
  • Tickets for sale
  • A pet that needs a home
Then go ahead and list that ad with us!

Remember that most ads are free for 30 days, personals and trade/barter ads are free for 90 days, but our Pet Listings are completely free of charge for as long as it takes to sell your pet, (up to a year)!

Free Pet Listings only apply to non-commercial users.

We hope you choose to use us and please enjoy your stay!

Don't forget to visit our Resources and Articles page, where you can find various articles that we've found interesting enough to post. Plus you'll also find investing ideas and possibly some trading tips you might find useful. These pages will be updated often, so please come back to see what we've added!

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